Eon Labradors

Classic Labrador Retrievers In Southern California

This page is my virtual library of information and resources regarding Labrador Retrievers, and dogs in general.


Great articles from High Desert Labrador Retriever Club can be found HERE.  I especially love the Examination of the Labrador Retriever Standard by Nancy Talbott.


I really like this page from the Pawcatuck River Labrador Retriever Club.  It's informative, and a review of the pictures found at this link show that Labrador Retrievers have not deviated much from the early years of the breed, as so many seem to believe. 


When I'm out walking my dogs, one of the things that make me cringe is seeing someone running along dragging their puppy on a leash.  Exercise is very important for dogs, but it's equally important to keep in mind that dogs -- especially breeds like Labradors that are prone to orthopedic issues like hip/elbow dysplasia, shouldn't experience excessive, forced, repetitive exercise prior to their growth plates closing.  There is a difference between allowing a puppy supervised play time to run around the yard, and using your pup as a running partner at too early an age.   This article from Jane Killion's Puppy Culture is an interesting read.  Exercise is important and should become a regular daily part of each dog's life, but too much, too soon can cause serious growth and joint problems down the road.

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