Eon Labradors

Classic Labrador Retrievers In Southern California

This page will serve as a showcase for my photographs of dogs owned by other people.  I am not a professional photographer.  I take these pictures solely for my enjoyment, and for the love of dogs.  It is always my goal to capture the unique beauty of each dog, and if possible, document the bond between dog and owner/handler/breeder, as the case may be.  What many people outside the dog fancy do not realize is that show dogs are pets first, and competitors a very distant second.  The type of people I associate with, and the dogs pictured on my site, are planned for, cherished, fretted over, and adored from conception until their last breath -- win or lose.  I hope these pictures reflect the care, socialization, training, and most importantly LOVE that all these dogs receive every day of their lives.  Like my own dogs, they are competitors very few days out of the year, but they are someone's beloved companion EVERY day. 

If a dog catches your eye, please be sure to visit his/her page for more information.  I will include links to their owners' websites whenever possible below each photo.

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